life's too short for another hallmark.

Your sense of humor is just a little bit warped. Getting a rise out of family and friends is your bread and butter.

We get it.

PaperFreckles makes "Seriously Unserious Greeting Cards" just for you. 



Whether it's a friend, a co-worker or a family member, we left no snark behind creating our birthday card selection. If you're in search of the perfectly cheeky card for their big day, we've got you covered.



In the battle for romantic literary supremacy, Shakespeare's got nothing on us. In search of an inappropriate Valentine's Day card or a hilarious "just because" card for your loved one? The perfect card is just a click away.


and more...

Funny anniversary cards? New mother cards? Congratulations or encouragement cards that don't suck? Christmas cards that make you actually want to go to the company party? Oh, yeah. We've got just the thing for you.