About Us

PaperFreckles owners Coleen and Joe Akers


After years of sweat and burnt fingers working as a chef in professional kitchens, I (Joe) was feeling burned out (pun intended) with cooking and was looking for a career change. I’ve always loved drawing and making things, so I honed my design skills at night and on the weekends while still working full time in kitchens. During that time, Coleen started making handmade cards since she’s had a long-term love affair with stationery, stickers and greeting cards. That’s when PaperFreckles was born and became our full-time business.

Our snarky, sometimes inappropriate and irreverent humor, coupled with hand-drawn illustrations and lettering make our cards distinctively PaperFreckles. Our point of view and style is a bit different, but we like it that way.

We believe humans can benefit from more personal communication via handwritten notes – send more cards, less texts! We love to use our sense of humor to contribute something positive to the world. Before we release a product, we always ask ourselves, “Does this deliver joy? Will people smile and laugh?” If the answer is yes, we’re pretty darn happy!