Remembory Matching Game™ – Funky Foods

Each set is packaged in a custom designed box (about the size of a chocolate bar) and contains 20 – 2.5″ square cards equalling 10 total matching pairs. Each two-sided card has a fun, quirky illustration on one side and a patterned back on the other. The patterned backs are identical for all four sets so they can all be combined and played together.

Freaky Foods (pictured): 10 wacky foods found throughout the world you have to see to believe. Dishes like Balut (Fertilized Duck Egg), Surstromming (Fermented Sea Herring) and Chapulines (Fried Grasshoppers).

  • 10  Matching Pairs
  • 20 Total Playing Cards (2.5″x2.5″inches)
  • Packaged in a top-close box

$ 9.95

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